TED Clinics

For Doctors

Thank you for considering our service. It has been a privilege to participate in the care of your patients for many years.

Dr Guttikonda is committed to providing expert and personalised care to each patient and always incorporates their preferences, goals and plans. She will keep you informed at all stages of your patient’s journey. If you need to contact Dr Guttikonda to discuss a patient, please call our practice on 02 8006 5587 and she will get back to you as soon as possible.

To ensure a smooth appointment booking process, we request you send us a copy of your patient’s referral and relevant investigations results soon after their appointment with you. We would appreciate if you would also advise your patient to call our practice to book appointment.

For routine referrals, if we have not received a call from your patient within 3 business days after their referral has been sent over, our staff will call your patient with making an appointment.

For urgent referrals, if we have not received a call from your patient, our staff will call patient within one business day.

What are the preferred methods to send referral?

Argus: 563737@argus.net.au

Referrals can be emailed to admin@tedclinics.com.au.

Fax: 02 4311 2635